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I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners get aligned with money so they can bust their plateau or financial cap and finally create the lives they so desire and deserve.

My proven Wealth & Health Formula works in all areas of life where there is a desire to make a change because of a powerful component that is really not known in our culture.

Most people want to start with changing their current money situation as this has such a profound effect on so many aspects of life.  By working with our intentions, we can create a more comfortable lifestyle, attract the right partner, finally lose those unwanted pounds and even write that book you know is inside of you.  I’ve seen it all!  Curious to know more about the secret to creating that life you desire?

Call for a free 20-minute consult, to see if we’re a good fit to work together.  NOTHING to lose and MUCH to gain! .. what’s holding you back?  This is life-changing stuff!

As well as coaching, I offer in-person and Long Distant Healing sessions.  Call and ask about the package discount!


     Mary Tataryn